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How to Sync BlackBerry® with Mac and iTunes® 

Sync BlackBerry® eith Mac & iTunes® 

A step by Step guide 

Download BlackBerry® Desktop Manager for Mac

Organizer Sync Setup- 

1. From Applications, start BlackBerry® Desktop Manager. 

2. Connect the BlackBerry® to the Mac with the USB cable. 

3. The software will detect the BlackBerry® and display the connection status. 

4. Now, from the left navigation bar of the software you can choose Organizer or Media to sync with the BlackBerry®. 

5. For example, click on calender and you will notice the sync configuration options. 

6. You can choose a two way sync or do not sync option. If sync two way option is selected (denoted by arrows going both ways from the BlackBerry® & the Mac), more options get listed. 

7. This software allows you to choose between multiple mail clients like iCal, Entourage etc. 

8. You can also choose to sync all calender entries, future entries only or specify a date range. 

9. Once all choices are made click finish. 

10. Calender sync setup is complete! Similarly, one can setup sync with other orhanizer options like contacts, notes etc.