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How To Install Arabic Language on your BlackBerry® Smartphone

There are several possible solutions to adding Arabic language support to a BlackBerry device. The first is to buy the language pack from the website listed below. It will cost $10.

Download Here ($10)

Then follow this procedure:

1. Extract the two files to a known directory. Be sure you can remember where you put the files because you will need to navigate to them.

2. Connect your BlackBerry to the computer via USB

3. Launch the command prompt on your computer (usually by clicking 'start', then 'run', typing 'cmd' and hitting 'enter')

4. Type 'javaloader -u load ' (the path filename is where you will need to navigate to your unzipped language files)

Your BlackBerry will reboot once or twice, but that is part of the installation process.

The above procedure is untested by us, but is said to work.

A free (and probably easier) alternative is to load a version of the device software that includes multilanguage support. Below is a link to one such version of the device software. This software to which this link refers is specifically tailored for a Canadian service provider but that should not prevent you from registering your device with other service providers and using their network. Be warned, however, that although unlikely, there may be some performance implications. We cannot take responsibility for any issues that may arise from using one provider's software on your device while using another provider's network. Fortunately, this is not an irreversible process: you would simply have to re-install the original software onto the device using the BB desktop manager and the application loader. Here is the link to software with multilanguage support:

Select your device, download the software and install the software onto your PC. Once installed, connect the BlackBerry and run the application loader on your BB desktop manager. Select Update Software to install a new version of the device software. Follow the prompts (which may include a warning that you are downgrading the software to an older version), and when you arrive at the screen that gives you options for which modules to install, scroll down and select the checkbox to install Arabic language support from among the list of modules. Click next and let the process run. At the end of it, or next time you connect the BB device, you will notice a prompt telling you that there are upgrades to the device software which you can install, so even though you may have 'downgraded' during the language support installation, you can now upgrade to the newest version of the device software and still have the language support you just installed.

This was tested on one of our BB devices and worked fine. However, as always, we cannot take responsibility for an issues that might arise with your device. We are simply providing solutions to issues.

Download Here

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